How Commercial property finance will help you

When it comes to commercial property finances, there are a variety of options available. The option that is right for you will depend upon your needs and your individual circumstances. A finance broker is best placed to assist you to find the most appropriate commercial property finance solution. Some of the available options include:

Commercial mortgages 

Commercial mortgages are available to both owner-occupiers and those who are investing in commercial property. The first can access lending at 75% loan to value over 30 years, while the latter can tap into 65%.

Property development finance 

This form of commercial property finance provides access to 70% of the cost of a project. It is usually a short term form of borrowing and repaid over 24 months. It can be used for new builds as well as refurbishments and renovation projects.

Bridging finance

A finance broker can help you secure bridging finance. This is a short term (3-6 months) solution that is used for a specific project that has a clear exit strategy. For example, this could be to fund property renovations when there is a clear plan to sell upon completion.

If you have other commercial property finance needs, other options that exist include:

  • Portfolio finance 
  • Mezzanine property finance
  • Auction finance

By getting in touch with us, we can explore your commercial property finance requirements. This will allow us to establish the finance solution that works best for you.

Commercial Property Finance

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All you need to know

Who is eligible for commercial property finance?

There are commercial property finance solutions available for both limited companies and sole traders. Each provider will have different eligibility requirements, but generally, you will need a good credit rating and proof of good trading history.

What interest is payable on commercial property finance?

Given the number of providers of commercial property finance, the interest rates and other terms can vary wildly. Using a finance broker can help you to find the best deals on the market and to ensure that you find the solution that works for you.

Is there a commercial property finance calculator?

Yes, we have a commercial property finance calculator. This can allow you to have an overview of what the repayments may be if you go on and secure commercial property finance. This calculator, however, only provides a guide.

Please click here for the calculator

Are there any fees that I need to factor in?

When it comes to commercial property finance, people need to take into consideration other fees that will see an increase in expenses. These include legal fees, valuation fees, and possibly finance broker fees.

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